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Coffee & Hazelnut Limited Edition Candle

Coffee & Hazelnut Limited Edition Candle

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Introducing one of our new limited edition fall candles, designed to envelop your space in the delightful aromas of freshly brewed coffee and roasted hazelnuts, elevated with hints of rich maple and smooth vanilla. Experience the essence of autumn with this captivating fragrance that will awaken your senses and warm your heart.

Indulge in the irresistible scent of freshly ground coffee, filling the air with its invigorating and comforting presence. The robust notes of coffee beans intertwine with the nutty allure of roasted hazelnuts, creating a harmonious blend that will transport you to your favorite café and evoke memories of cozy mornings and cherished conversations.

To enhance the autumnal experience, we've infused subtle hints of rich maple, adding a touch of sweetness and earthiness to the fragrance. The warm and inviting aroma of maple creates a sense of nostalgia, conjuring images of golden leaves and crisp air, perfectly capturing the spirit of the season.

Completing this exquisite blend is the smooth and creamy essence of vanilla, which adds a layer of indulgence and tranquility. The velvety undertones of vanilla beautifully complement the coffee and hazelnut, creating a fragrance that is both comforting and uplifting.

Hand-poured with care and attention to detail, our Fall limited edition candle features a sleek and elegant design, with a grey smoke vessel available in single and double wick options that enhances the visual appeal. Crafted using premium-quality soy wax and a lead-free cotton wick, it ensures a clean and even burn, allowing you to enjoy the captivating fragrance for hours on end.

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Why We Love It


Each Candle is Hand Mixed, Poured, Stickered, Wicked and Inspected Before Leaving the Work Shop and Being Sent to You.

All Our Ingredients Have Been Chosen Deliberately to Be Clean Options for You and Your Home.


All Our Fragrances Are Clean Enough to Be Used on the Skin As Well As Being Phthalate and Paraben Free


Hand Poured By Maxwell in Chester, New Jersey. Each Candle is Hand Made From Start to Finish By Our Small Family Business.


100% Soy Wax

Cotton Wick

Clean Fragrance

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Poured Every Single Day

Candle Sitting in Warehouses or on Shelves for Years? Nah- Your Chester Candle Was Probably Poured in the Last Few Weeks.

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